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I-CRUZE 5kva/48v Luminous Inverter

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  • Max Charging Current (in Amperes): 21
  • Weight (kg.): 80
  • of batteries supported (12V): 4 Batteries
  • VA Rating: 5000 VA / 48V
  • Technology: Pure Sine wave
  • User friendly LCD display and control buttons
  • Intelligent battery charging algorithm optimizes the charging current according to the battery capacity
  • 12 Months Warranty

Luminous 5kVA/48V (I-CRUZE Luminous) Inverter

The 5kva Luminous inverter meets the requirements for a mid-range capacity inverter, which is capable of powering household appliances up to your deep freezer and a chunk of office equipment if deployed to an office.

The Luminous 5kVA 48V inverter is designed to support higher loads and deliver reliable performance. Its fast-charging system also ensures the charging of the batteries to provide the power backup required.