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NRGT Signature 250AH/12V

₦ 570,000 

₦ 570,000

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  • A durable and visually appealing container design that prioritizes safety and promotes efficient electrical conductivity with embedded terminals.
  • Exceptional Ampere-hour and Watt-hour efficiencies that provide optimal comfort during power outages, making it an ideal choice for the Nigerian power situation.
  • Constructed with a Super-Tuff High-Ribbed Tall Tubular container for effective thermal management.
  • Plates made from 99.99% pure lead and lead alloy, ensuring a long lifespan and outstanding electrical performance.
  • Tested at a DSIR-approved battery design lab to ensure complete safety throughout its service life.
  • High-pressure Heat sealed Container-Cover Design for a Leak-proof, Spill-proof experience.
  • Made with proprietary Ultra High-Density (UHD)Paste, designed to withstand high-temperature operation, making it suitable for the Nigerian climate.

The NRGT Signature battery is a premium offering from the Luminous range of batteries. It is an ideal inverter battery for Nigerians and the unique power conditions in Nigeria. The battery is built with Tubular Technology and housed in a robust and stylish container. It offers superior safety and optimal performance even under the most challenging circumstances.

This battery is engineered for extended backup time, rapid charging, and ultra-low maintenance. Combined with a Luminous inverter, it is Nigeria's perfect power backup solution.