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Optimus 1100 VA / 12V

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  • Operation: Pure Sine Wave - Eliminates the noise and minimises power losses
  • Rated Power: 924 W - Can easily take care of your Lighting, Fan, TV and Refrigerator Requirements*  
  • Voltage (Input): 95- 290 VA - Charging commences at an input voltage as low as 95V. It ensures that your battery is charged even during Voltage downtime.  
  • Maximum Charging Current: 18 Amp - High Charging Current of 18 Amp ensures that your battery is charged rapidly and optimally.  
  • LCD Display - Provides indications for 14 Battery and Inverter performance metrics  
  • User selectable output voltage (200V-240V) & charging current (8A-18A): This Feature gives you the control of choosing between power and performance by letting you decide the output voltage and Charging current.
  • Low voltage battery charging: Charging begins at 95V, and fast charging commences from a 135V input supply.
  • Mains Bypass switch: Life is uncertain, and faults sometimes occur. This feature enables you to bypass the inverter with the flick of a switch in case the inverter develops a fault. Hence you will not be stranded in the dark before our Simba Care executive arrives to help you.  
  • Battery Type - One Battery, 12 Volt; Flat, Tubular & SMF; battery capacities (80Ah-220Ah)  
  • Net Weight - 12.2kg  
  • Dimension LxWxH (cm) - 30 x 27.5 x 13.9

Reliable, Powerful, and a treat for your eyes, the Optimus series of Inverters from Luminous has many features to make your life easy. These inverters feature a state of art LCD panel that keeps you updated on 14 different performance parameters like Load Percentage, Time to Charge & Discharge, Overload, Short circuit, Low Battery, Battery high Cut, Temperature Sensor and Mode ( ECO or UPS).Its Pure Sine wave operation eliminates electrical buzzing that accompanies a standard inverter and minimises the inverter power losses. The High Charging Current of 18 Amp ensures that your battery is charged rapidly and optimally.